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Welcome to FY15

Hello SWEsters,

I welcome you to the FY15 Region A blog! As you may already know, our region is comprised of SWE sections from Northern California, Hawaii, and Nevada. My name is Maribel Locsin and I am your Region A Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE) for fiscal year 2015. Just a brief background about myself, I am pursuing a BS in Chemical Engineering at San Jose State University graduating in December 2014 and I currently work at Genentech as a Co-Op. I was previously the FY14 Region A Collegiate Senator (RCS) and I am also an active member of AIChE and ASCE. If you have any questions or would like to join my network, you are welcome to check out my LinkedIn profile and connect with me.

My role is to inform the region and all its subscribers about any news or upcoming events that arise throughout the year as well as share best practices and maintain connections between the collegiate and professional sections. I am open to requests for articles such as coverage of significant events, resume blasts, networking tips, etc. so please feel free to email me at There is also a Region A Facebook group to connect with other SWE collegiate and professional members and keep in tune with what is happening on the region level.

Please subscribe and hope you enjoy reading about the great happenings of Region A!

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SWE Region Leadership Mentoring Program

Dear Region A Members,

We are continuing and growing our SWE Region Leadership Mentoring Program.

The SWE Region Leadership Mentoring Program provides opportunities for mentoring on SWE leadership positions and the pathways to get there.

You can participate in two ways.  You can be a Mentor to another SWE member or be paired with a Mentor so you can get your SWE leadership questions answered.

Our committee will pair you with a Mentor or Mentee, but if you have already formed a pair yourselves, just let us know and we will definitely honor that relationship!

For a 6 month period, you will email at least once a month with this Mentor or Mentee.  We will provide you both with resource materials to help you be successful and will host live chats once every other month on Leadership topics of interest.

Please fill out one or both of the surveys to provide our committee with some initial background information to create the Mentor-Mentee pairs.

Surveys are due Wednesday, December 24, 2014.

Mentor Survey

Mentee Survey:

If you have any questions, email us at

Thank you for your interest in your SWE path!

Best regards,

Pearl Yamaguchi and JoAnn Raeker

SWE Region Leadership Mentoring Program

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November Hot Topic: Outreach

Outreach is an important aspect of SWE to make sure that, as a society, we promote engineering in the lives of our future generation. Similar to Imagineer Day at CSU, Chico, other universities within Region A have some best practices when it comes to their yearly outreach events. I have asked two collegiate sections to give some insight on their outreach events to learn about their new or traditional events they currently exercise.

Stanford University – Outreach Mentorship Program

CAM00661 (1)Our new Mentorship program has the intention of meaningfully connecting undergraduates studying engineering with middle school girls. SWE members work on hands-on engineering projects with the girls, mentor and advise them on their potential futures in engineering, and answer questions about what it means to be a female engineer. The mentor-mentee pairs meet once a week for 90 minutes to work on a project, and the program culminates in a Product Showcase at Stanford.

- Estefania Ortiz

San Jose State University – Wow! That’s Engineering!

P1130509WOW! That’s Engineering! is a day long event held to attract high school girls (grades 9-12), spark their interest, and teach them about the field of engineering. It is an award winning outreach event organized by SWE San Jose State University collegiate section, SWE Santa Clara Professional section, and SJSU’s Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering.

WOW! That’s Engineering! will be held March 14, 2015 at San Jose State University. Last year 100 girls attended the event and this year our goal is to have 115 girls. For 2015 the team has organized a fun, educational day with a keynote speaker, student organization faire, open engineering labs, hands-on workshops, professional women round table discussions, and student panels. Each girl will walk away from the event with new enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for engineering.

WOW! That’s engineering! also includes a parent track hosted by women working in the engineering field and SJSU professors to help prepare for the college transition. Parents will have the opportunity to partake in workshops, presentations, and panels throughout the day as well.

Our hope is to give the girls an insight on the field, open up new doors, and clear any misconceptions they may have about engineering. We believe that exposing these girls to the field will give them an outlook on their potential futures, while guiding them towards the career path of their choice.

- Karina Lopez, Goonjan Parkhe, Ashley Warren

Thank you to Stanford University and San Jose State University for sharing their outreach events. If your section would like to adopt an outreach event, speak to your section counselor or our Region A governance for ideas, development, and implementation. If your professional section or company would like to volunteer at these collegiate outreach events, please contact me and I can direct you to to the appropriate members.


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SME Bowl at Annual Conference FY15

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Bowl, hosted by Exxon Mobile, was held on October 25th from 2:00-5:00pm at this year’s Annual Conference held in Los Angeles, CA. A special shout out to those who participated in the SME Bowl proudly representing Region A:

Allie Stoyanova – UC Berkeley

Jocelyn Tan – Santa Clara University

Jacqueline Tao – Stanford University

Jessica Sun – UC Berkeley

Leabeth Peterson – Humboldt State University

Thank you ladies for your voluntary participation in the SME Bowl. Great job and way to represent Region A! Also, a thank you to those who attended the competition in support of our team. A few participants were asked to share their experiences and here are their responses:

“The SME bowl was a great way to finish off the conference by teaming up with members of other sections within the region and battling it out with other regions! The questions span a wide range of engineering fields, and were definitely challenging and exciting to find a solution on the spot. It was great to represent Region A and build some region camaraderie and pride!” – Jacqueline Tao, Stanford University

“I am so thrilled to have been part of something that was so much fun. The SME Bowl offers a series of questions that help to test the teams’ knowledge of engineering related material. There are also trivia questions about SWE! It’s a great way to participate in a fun activity with members from other sections. Given the opportunity, I would do it again!” – Leabeth Peterson, Humboldt State University

“I had a fantastic experience at the SME Bowl and definitely recommend the competition to future SWE-sters! The event was a great way to meet members from other sections and unite to represent Region A during the actual competition!” – Jocelyn Tan, Santa Clara University

Again, a huge thank you to those who volunteered to be a part of the competition. Region A greatly appreciates your participation and efforts in leading the region.

photo 2 (7)

photo 1 (9)Above: Region A participants of the SME Bowl at Annual Conference


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Region A Collegiate Officer Training Summit

On Saturday, September 20th the Region A Collegiate Team (RCT) and the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC) co-hosted the first ever Collegiate Officer Training with San Jose State SWE. The sections in attendance included Humboldt State, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State, San Francisco State, and Santa Clara University.

Also in attendance were the Region Collegiate Representative (RCR, Leabeth Peterson), the Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE, Maribel Locsin), and the Region Collegiate Senator (RCS, Lisa Fong). Having so many schools and the Region Collegiate Team in one room is an awesome chance to connect with SWE members and learn more about SWE at the regional level.

Ice BreakerIce Breaker 2Ice Breaker 3

Above: SWE Members Having Fun with the Teambuilding Activity

We started off the day with an icebreaker/teambuilding activity involving plastic cups and rubber bands led by Dallen Coulter, SJSU President. During the training we discussed SWE Officer Training, Strategic and Tactical Planning (both presented by the CLCC Team Lead), Best Practice Sharing, and SWE Leadership Tools (presented by the RCR, Leabeth). The SWE Officer Training Summit helped orient the new leaders, and even provided some new information to the returning officers in the audience.Certificates SJSUCertificates HSU

Above: Humboldt and San Jose State Members with their Certificates

This training was an opportunity for collegiate sections in Region A to meet, share stories, and learn more about SWE.  The CLCC team got excellent feedback from attendees, and we hope to hold this event next year! If you would like to learn more, email

Thank you San Jose State SWE for being an awesome host!

Written By: Lindsay Kammeier

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Region A RCT Event – Oakland Museum of California

Here is a wonderful social event to attend with your Region A collegiates and professionals! The collegiate team’s fall event will take place at the Oakland Museum of California on November 23, 2014 from 12:00 to 3:00pm. It is conveniently located near BART and all family and friends of SWE are welcome! Registration is scheduled to end on Friday, November 21st at 11:59pm and if you would like to be considered for carpool please register by Monday November 17, 2014.

We will meet in front of the museum at 12:00pm for introductions and an icebreaker activity for the group to become more acquainted. Admission is on your own: General $15, Seniors/Students $10, Age 9-17 $6, and Age 8 and younger are free.

Please join us for a day of fun!


Yelp review:


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October Hot Topic: Annual Conference


SWE Annual Conference We14 in joint with ICWES16 will be held in Los Angeles, California! This is the largest networking event SWE hosts every year and is quite useful for those making their way through college, transitioning from collegiate to career, or inquiring about professional development. Surrounding yourself around professionals in industry is motivating and can definitely help set your career as a future or progressing engineer. Considering the many benefits for collegiates and professionals SWE can offer, here is a few essential tips to know in preparation for conference.

Plan your schedule ahead!

From collegiates to professionals, there’s a track for you! The conference schedule has the seminars, tours and special events conveniently organized by track depending on which path most interests you. The track labeled as “Career and Life Transitions” would be beneficial to collegiates as some of the sessions focus on the transition from colleigate to professional in terms of resume building, guides for women in STEM, and much more. Professionals can also benefit from this track as there are seminars that revolve around work-life balance and leadership in the workplace. It is highly recommended to take a look at the seminars offered each day and highlight those that most interest you.

The Region A council meeting is scheduled to be on Thursday, October 23rd from 12:45-3:45pm. Collegiate section presidents are required to attend the last 2 hours (1:45-3:45pm) as the meeting will be run by the Lt. Governor and RCR. Important information pertaining directly to the collegiate sections will be announced. Members are also encouraged to attend! Please make sure to include this meeting in your schedules.

Hospitality suites and Career fair are a must!

The Hospitality Suites are a great networking event to network and to inquire about their internship and full-time opportunities. This is a great time to meet the engineers, talk about their careers, and determine if you be a good fit in their company. It is scheduled to be on Thursday, October 23rd from 8:00-10:00pm so prepare your resume and dress to impress! The Hospitality Suites directly follow the Career Fair Opening Ceremony that is from 6:00-8:00pm. Everyone is invited to this ceremony and the career fair beings immediately after. If you are in search for an internship or full-time position in Summer 2015, this is the best time to do so! Over 200 employers will be in attendance and many of them host on-site interviews so this would be the best time to bring your interviewing skills to the table and blow away the engineers.

Collegiate participation for the SME bowl is needed!

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Bowl is an event sponsored by Exxon Mobile in which each region competes against each other in areas of science, math, engineering, and technology. For sample questions please see the SME Bowl Information. Please advertise this event to your section members since we still need participants to represent Region A. Your knowledge and expertise is need and engineering diversity is encouraged! The event is on Saturday, October 25th from 2:00 to 5:00pm. To sign up, contact your section president or Leabeth Peterson at The sign up sheet is shared in the RCR Dropbox. Spectators are also welcome so come support your region!

Put a smile on and network!

We14 is the best time to network, speak to current and successful engineers, and discover your future as a woman in engineering. Come with a positive attitude and an open mind to learn about the different industries you can start your future. Attend the seminars that interest you the most and grab the opportunity to talk to the speakers afterwards. This is your opportunity to shine and develop the skill set to become a successful women in the STEM field. Schedule ahead, prepare your resume, and dress for the job you want!

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your time in Los Angeles! If you have any questions regarding conference, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Hope to see you there!

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Best Practice: Imagineer Day at CSU, Chico


Section reports were recently turned in to our RCR, Leabeth Peterson, and many sections had impressive reports that informed about their section best practices. The best practice answer submitted by Erin Baumgartner, CSU, Chico section president, was above par and gave great insight on what Chico State does for their outreach event. Erin wrote the following:

“A best practice for our section would be our biggest annual K-6 STEM-education outreach event, Imagineer Day. The event is held in the spring semester in the CSU, Chico engineering buildings and is funded primarily by our own section.

The day-long event brings together over 130 local grade K-6 students (girls and boys) together to participate in multiple hands-on labs that demonstrate basic engineering-concepts. Each participants leaves the event with a unique Imagineer Day t-shirt (designed by a SWE member each year) and a goodie-bag filled with school supplies (folders, notebook, pencils, crayons, erasers, etc.). Each lab is taught by a SWE officer/member, along with the help of volunteers from other CSU, Chico College of Engineering clubs.

The goal of Imagineer Day is to get young girls (and boys) interested in the engineering field. During the event, we not only discuss engineering as a subject of study and career choice, but we also encourage the children to think about their own future. We aim to show the participants that STEM subjects can be fun, exciting and more “hands-on” than just reading from a textbook.

We receive many compliments from parents that attend the event along with their children every year; not only do they compliment us on the instruction of the labs, the lab instructors and volunteers,  but they also compliment the fact that our instructors and volunteers represent such a diverse group (in relation to sex, race, age and engineering discipline). Every year has called for an expansion due to demand as well; our section’s first Imagineer Day held around 100 participants and this year we plan for 150. Multiple articles have been published in our university newspaper, The Orion, and in the annual CSU, Chico College of Engineering magazine, Connections. Our section’s Public Relations officer was also interviewed last spring on the local TV news station about the event.”

Thank you Erin for sharing this best practice with us and we hope CSU, Chico continues to host wonderful and inspiring outreach events such as this.

If you have any questions regarding Imagineer Day, please contact Erin at

Chico_ImagineerDay4Above: Making ice cream!

Chico_ImagineerDay5 Above: Designing a cradle for the egg drop


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