SWE’s Image & Brand

Let’s start off the new year with proper SWE branding for our SWE sections! All professional sections, collegiate sections, and affiliates of SWE must adhere to SWE Brand Guidelines when creating any communications for the Society. FY17 Collegiate Director Sarah Watzman described it with a very personally-relatable analogy[1]:

“…a brand for a company, organization, or society is representative of that group, just like a resume is representative of you as an engineer at a career fair.  Your resume is a summary of everything you have done in your life relating to that engineering job you want – your project experience, work experience, grades, and extracurricular activities, that all add up to you being a great candidate.  How would you feel about someone parading around a resume with your name on it but a lower GPA?  Or someone handing out an outdated version of your resume at a career fair that doesn’t include that awesome internship you had last summer?  Or even worse, a company getting a version of your resume that doesn’t include your leadership experiences within SWE?  I would be willing to bet that you wouldn’t be too happy about this incorrect version of your resume because it misrepresents how amazing you actually are.  The SWE brand is just like you and that resume…”

Learning about the SWE brand–and particular details such as the logo–makes it easier to understand why the Society places such an emphasis on branding.

  1. “The logomark honors SWE’s heritage with its gear-like shape and use of SWE’s original gold
  2. The three segments of the gear represent Aspire/Advance/Achieve, as well as professional, collegiate, and girls K-12
  3. A lowercase acronym is used to convey a friendly, welcoming community”[2]

Here are a few commonly-forgotten rules concerning branding and logos:

  • DO NOT use custom-created SWE logos with added colors or mascots.
  • DO NOT use the tri-color gear logomark separately from the official logo.
  • DO NOT use the logo type “SWE” separately from the gear logomark.
  • DO take advantage of the plentiful resources available for branding: A folder with official SWE logos for each section can be found in the document search in the “SWE Brand Guidelines, Logos, and Templates” page online. [3]

SWE branding resources are available in several formats to fit a wide range of learning styles. If you’re a section leader, take a branding refresher by checking out the official SWE Brand Guidelines [2], reading through the Quick Guide [4], or listening to the branding training webinar below. If you have a specific question, feel free to contact marketing@swe.org directly.


1. Originally published in “Become a SWE Brand Expert”  of the SWE AllTogether blog on March 2017.
2. SWE Brand Guidelines, Rev January 2016
3. SWE Brand Guidelines, Logos, and Templates
4. SWE Brand Quick Guide


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