March 2018 – Outreach

One example of awesome outreach within Region A: Chico State SWE’s Imagineer Day 2018!

Your section just finished hosting a great outreach event–maybe dozens of kids learned about engineering! It’s so tempting to want to relax and just say: Wow! We did it!

After catching up on sleep, don’t forget to do three basic steps to improve your outcomes:

1. Document, Document, and Document

If you’re in a newer section and this was your first time hosting your own outreach event—congrats! However, you know how difficult it was learning the ropes. Save future officers from simple mistakes by creating a tips & tricks document, timeline, or tutorial workbook that outlines the steps you took to make the event possible.

2. Add your outreach event to the SWE Outreach Metric Tool FY18

We might have great anecdotes about the impact of SWE outreach. However, the credibility of SWE’s mission is boosted with cold hard facts—numbers —that prove many students, parents, or educators were encouraged to explore engineering through SWE programs. Fill out the survey here:

3. Start planning funding for the next event

Regardless of whether you plan to be directly involved in preparing your section’s next outreach event, take some time to familiarize yourself with SWE Program Development Grants. SWE organizations must apply for these mini-grants ($250-$5000) between 45-75 days in advance of the event. Detailed information can be found on the SWE website:


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