December 2017- Leadership Coaching Committee

The Leadership Coaching Committee is a network of trained SWE leaders available to advise sections on best practices in a wide range of topics. LCC’s role will be even more important in the next fiscal year: with the dissolution of regions, the LCC will be the the main point of contact on SWE development resources.

How does leadership coaching occur?
LCC coaches can meet with section leadership either virtually, or in person—FREE of charge. A significant amount of content can may be accessed by SWE members 24/7 through the SWE Advance Learning Center webinars. Check out the following video for instructions on how to access the center:

What types of training modules are available?
The LCC provides three types of modules: Joint (topics relevant to both collegiate and professional sections), Collegiate, and Professional .

What are a few examples of modules?

  • “Hitting the Ground Running” for collegiate members entering the workforce
  • “SWE Succession and Career Planning” for professionals
  • “Building Membership” for both professional and collegiate sections.
    Read more details about these and other modules on the LCC Blog.

How do consultations work?
Sections identify topics of need of improvement and LCC coaches help brainstorm or provide examples of what has worked in other sections.

Who do I contact to set up an LCC presentation at my section?
1. Email the LCC Region A Team Lead at The LCC Blog has a full list of contacts at the society level.
2. Fill out the LCC coaching request form available here or by copy-pasting the following address:


SWE Santa Clara Valley Formal Mentoring Program (Open to all Region A Members!)

SWE Santa Clara Valley (SCV) is exploring establishing a Formal Mentoring Program to build empowering relationships between its experienced, developing members and scholarship applicants as well as between members.
We need you!
Our goals would be to:
1. Help members find a compatible mentor
2. Provide opportunities for members to mentor other professionals, scholarship applicants or both
3. Provide the guidance to help members create effective, long-lasting mentorships.
The time commitment is flexible, depending on the relationships that mentors and mentees develop together. We need your input to evaluate interest in this program.
Please take the following survey to let us know your interest level so we can get this started!!!

Hot Topic: How to Apply for a SWE Scholarship!

Still working on your application for a SWE scholarship (reminder, the deadline is February 15th)? Struggling with how to approach the process? Here are some guidelines on how to handle your application!

Confirm you are eligible to apply. SWE has a handy video on how to check your eligibility (which can be found here), but it essentially boils down to the following criteria:


  • Only women are eligible.
  • Undergraduates must be sophomores or above (the freshman scholarships are open at a later time)
  • Undergraduate applicants must be planning to study an ABET-accredited program in engineering, technology, or computing in the upcoming academic year.
  • Masters and PhD candidates must be enrolled or accepted at a school with ABET-accredited programs in engineering, computing, or technology.
  • You must be planning to attend full time (exceptions are made for reentry and non-traditional applicants).
  • You must not be fully funded for tuition, fees, and books and equivalent

Make sure you have a resume that is up to date! Have you boosted your GPA recently, won an award, or taken on a new leadership role? Make sure your resume shows it! You want to highlight all the awesome things you have done, so keep your resume updated with a list of all your work.

  • Consider keeping a master resume if it gets a little long, which you can then tailor to each application by eliminating less relevant points.
  • Also make sure you have a version of your resume in plain text format (it makes for easier copy and pasting when you don’t have to deal with fancy formatting)

Work on your (short) essay! All applications require an essay on why you want to be an engineer or computer scientist. The word limit is 350 words, so it’s more like a short answer problem.

  • Brainstorm first – was there a particular event in your life that directed you towards the field you are pursuing? Maybe you had someone particularly influential in your life that has helped develop your passion for your major.
  • Write, write, write! Then put it away for a bit. After a couple of days, take it out again and give it a thorough editing.
  • Have someone you trust look over it for you, a second pair of eyes is always good.

Recommendations – you need two. One from a professor (preferably from a technical field) and one personal reference (someone outside of the family who has known you for at least two years).

  • Approach your recommendation letter writers EARLY. Give them plenty of time to work on it. This is especially true for busy professors who can sometimes procrastinate (they’re just like us!).
  • Ask and make sure they are willing to do this before you submit their contact information!
  • REMIND your recommenders when the letter is due BEFORE the last minute!

For Need-Based Scholarships, you will need to submit your expected family contribution and the contact information for the school’s financial representative, so you might want to track down that info for the student aid office.

For more useful information and a step by step guide through the application process, check out this link for a useful video made by SWE. Good luck!



October Hot Topic – Making the Most of Annual Conference

It’s hard to believe, but WE16 in Philadelphia is only two weeks away! To ensure you get the most out of conference, here are a few things to put on your checklist.

1) Are you registered? 

If so, good for you! Make sure you have your registration information available when you check in at conference, it will make the process go much quicker. If you haven’t yet registered, there is still time! Go to and register today! Don’t forget to get your Celebrate SWE tickets!

2) Have you checked out the agenda?

Sometimes annual conference can get really overwhelming, especially for a first timer – there are just so many interesting things to see and do! Checking out the agenda and different presentation tracks ahead of time can help you plan how to make the most of your conference experience. The full agenda for the conference can be found here.

3) Did you download the conference app?

Speaking of checking out the agenda, the conference app is the best way to do it. The app lets you select the talks that you are interested in and create your own personalized schedule for the conference! Definitely easier than using a paper agenda to try to plan three crazy days. The iOS app can be found here and the Android version is here.

4) Have you watched the WE16 webinars?

If you missed the useful webinars that SWE hosted in September, never fear! The WE16 orientation and What Not to Wear – Conference Edition webinars can be watched anytime online at Brush up on how the regional meetings work and learn about appropriate dress for the career fair! These webinars can be useful for even a seasoned conference attendee.

5) Are you EXCITED? 

If not, then get excited!! Whether you are new to this experience or already have plans to catch up with old conference friends, the annual gathering of SWE members from across the globe is always an amazing time. Get pumped Philly, we’re only two weeks away!


Inspire Girls through FIRST!

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technologyis looking for volunteers to serve as judges and referees for events in the larger Bay Area! It’s an amazing program that serves to inspire and promote STEM careers for all kids through challenging and cool projects. With many girls of all ages in the program, seeing female professionals volunteer to help and encourage them could have a real impact on their career choices in the future. Check out the flyer for more information and learn more at They have events all throughout the fall and winter, scattered throughout the Bay!


FIRST Volunteer Poster BayArea 

Chico State SWE’s Imagineer Day 2016 was a big success!



This past April, Chico State SWE hosted over 170 participants at our annual K-6 STEM outreach event, Imagineer Day. Started in 2013 with just 100 participants, this award-winning, annual event brings the engineering career path to the attention of local children ranging from grades K-6. Every participant had the opportunity to experience fun, hands-on engineering activities, all the while learning how and why the things in this world work the way they do.

This year’s labs featured engineering disciplines such as Water Resources, Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Computer, Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science.

While this event is planned and funded by the Chico State SWE section, they are very proud that it has become a group effort and collaboration across the entire College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management (ECC). This year, the section hit a record of four other College of ECC student organizations, along with their SWENext section, leading hands-on labs. This marks Chico State SWE’s largest cross-club collaboration that Imagineer Day has had to date.

To learn more about Imagineer Day and see more photos, visit the Chico State SWE section website at

Humboldt State SWE Social


This past April, Humboldt State’s SWE section held their annual SWE Social in Eureka, CA. They invited their entire Environmental Resources Engineering student body and faculty as well as local women engineers. This year in particular, there was a great turnout of professionals and student attendees; all participants were encouraged to mingle and share their experiences and knowledge in the engineering field. Prior to the social, HSU SWE also held a networking workshop to help members prepare for the event. Members received tips and advice on how to make strong and meaningful connections when networking. HSU SWE hopes this event continues to grow and promote stronger relationships between students and professionals.

Intercollegiate BBQ Hosted by UC Berkeley

Earlier this month, UC Berkeley’s SWE section reached out to other local sections, including UC Davis and San Francisco State SWE. Together, members enjoyed some delicious Korean BBQ, played games, and networked with one another. The small event was a great opportunity for members to share their experiences from their own sections and stay up-to-date on what is happening in the area. Members from the UC Berkeley section hope this event paves the way for future intercollegiate events within Region A; events like this are an enjoyable, casual way to get local sections together and to take a small break from school.

October Hot Topic: SWE Career Center Resource

Whether you are seeking a job or an employee, SWE can help you out with their Career Center resource. The Career Center is a useful tool for both job-seekers and employers. It is a virtual destination that that allows individuals with different levels of experience to explore the job market.

Job-seekers can utilize the SWE Career Center to help simplify the process of finding a job. The Career Center allows job-seekers to search for jobs that fit their best interest. Individuals can also setup job alerts, manage their resumes, and gain access to resources that are complementary to professional growth, such as career coaches and articles on career advice*.

Employers can use the SWE Career Center to post current job openings and connect with potential candidates. The Career Center further assists companies with the search for qualified and prospective employees by helping manage job postings, clients, resumes, and candidates.

The SWE Career Center is a beneficial resource than can help you land your next job or find your next top employee. It is open to everyone; just visit the website and take the first step of creating an account as a job-seeker or an employer. The Career Center can easily be accessed through the home page of the societal SWE website:

career center tab

Don’t hesitate and go check it out!

* Note: The “Content Library” in the job-seeker resources can be accessed without creating an account. ENJOY!

Welcome to FY16 , Region A!

Hello fellow SWEsters,

My name is Amanda Lagasca, and as the new Region A Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE) for Northern California, Hawaii, and Nevada, I want to welcome you all to the FY16 Region A blog. Through this blog, I hope to inform, encourage, and connect all Region A collegiate and professional sections.  I am also open to any questions, concerns, or requests; I can be contacted at So please subscribe today to stay tuned for upcoming events within the society and for information about other sections within the region. Also, remember to follow Region A’s group on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you and have a SWEet day!