SWE Santa Clara Valley Formal Mentoring Program (Open to all Region A Members!)

SWE Santa Clara Valley (SCV) is exploring establishing a Formal Mentoring Program to build empowering relationships between its experienced, developing members and scholarship applicants as well as between members.
We need you!
Our goals would be to:
1. Help members find a compatible mentor
2. Provide opportunities for members to mentor other professionals, scholarship applicants or both
3. Provide the guidance to help members create effective, long-lasting mentorships.
The time commitment is flexible, depending on the relationships that mentors and mentees develop together. We need your input to evaluate interest in this program.
Please take the following survey to let us know your interest level so we can get this started!!!

Networking Webinar – Feb 6 at 9PM EST

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Does the very word “networking” send chills up and down your spine?  Did you struggle meeting new people and talking with recruiters at WE16? Then this is the webinar for you! And luckily, it’s before WeLocal San Jose!

Networking—the essential (and at times daunting) skill for advancing your career. This webinar will demystify what networking is and how you can use it. From tapping into social groups, introducing yourself during industry events, and tackling online platforms. The webinar will go over how to identify your current network and discuss strategies and tools for expanding it.
Register for the webinar here!